Friday, February 25, 2011

New Blog

My name is Paul Cyrocki I handle internet requests as well as phone calls into the dealership.  I have thought up an idea and that is to feature a used car every day on my blog and put my thoughts into it.  I am actually taking more responsibilities at the dealership and may end up changing this to a car a week or every other day.  I plan on featuring a car as well as post up my thoughts on this vehicle upon personal inspection.

A little about me, I love cars, like any car lover I am a huge fan of the big expensive stuff.  However I can respect any vehicle, and that is what I plan on doing.  I will not bash any car on this blog, nor will I all out promote a vehicle unless I deem it necessary.  I plan on focusing on used cars on our lot simply because they offer different characteristics between each vehicle.  Not one car on our lot is the same as another.  I am an owner of a 2004 Chevy Cavalier, and a 2007 Mazda MX-5 (summer car!).  I will start out by saying even though the cavalier is not the most loved car in the world it has done me well.  I have never got it stuck in snow nor has it EVER let me down.  I have had to do no repairs besides tires and a new battery, but in Michigan winters you're gonna change a battery in your vehicles lifetime.  I will not say it is the nicest car, because it certainly is not, but let me tell you for getting back and forth to work, and to do personal business it more than suits my needs.

I would do a write-up about my MX-5 however I've only driven it for about 2 months before it went into a garage and I feel that it is not warranted to blog about it at this time.  Stay tuned because I will have a lot of time with it this summer, and I cant wait.

I want to share with you the website of the company I work for: Art Moehn Chevrolet Honda this place has provided me a living and the guys I work with are some of the best.  Hear of those salesman stereotypes?  They are out the door at this place, we are a low pressure high volume store in Jackson, MI.  My position was tailored specifically to me because of my experience in customer service and computer technology, even though I am technically trained as a police officer.  I have a strong passion for computers and it shows at this job as I am called to fix computer problems that happen around the dealership.

I want to make this project work, but I cannot do it without your guys help.  I need promotion, I need my friends and readers to check in and keep looking at the website.  My whole purpose with this blog is to showcase a used vehicle on our lot, and by doing this I am hoping to help me bring people to the dealership to see us for their car buying needs.  It's one thing to see a description of a car, it is another to have someone go and do a writeup on it, and that is my goal.

It may be a bit before I get this 100% going but I at least wanted to get an introductory writeup on myself and my mission.  I actually plan in the spring to give a sort of video walk around of the vehicles too, this will personalize it more, and give you more of a feeling for the car.  Let me know if you guys think this is a good idea.  If you think it is a waste of my time then let me know that as well, I wont be hurt.  This was a random idea I had one night and figured it would be something fun to go through with.  Let me know your thoughts, even recommend me a car you want to see a writeup on.  I need your feedback, that way I can make this better, and make it work.